Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Preschoolers Need...

What Preschoolers Need?

Preschoolers need someone to teach,
they need someone to care,

They need someone to hug them when their parents are not there,

Preschoolers need someone to pass the knowledge that they
have learned hands on,

They need someone to share the positive ways that
they have grown.

Preschoolers need a value system, and plenty of chances to win, 

They need loving teachers who understand, and smile back when
they grin.

A chance to cry and break some rules, with guidance readily at hand,
a chance to have a tantrums or two, and times to take a stand.

Preschoolers need to know we treasure them, we love them and we care.
What children need should be ever present in preschools everywhere.

Copyright Beverly F. Jones 2.15.11