Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Time to Expand

Team Building at The Fun Reading Club


The Fun Reading Club is for the outgoing readers who ABSOLUTELY ENJOY reading anything for various reasons. See hashtag #WHYIREAD on The Self Love Saturday Show on Facebook and Instagram!

We are looking for FREE and KINDRED SPIRITS to Join our TEAM!!! 


If you are interested after reading these couple of sentences, you may be the outgoing type of person we need!

Email: Beverly Jones at

See you at: The Fun Reading Club on Facebook and Instagram!

Ms.B, The Storyteller's Blog: One Million Children Reading Campaign : Find Ms.B,...

Ms.B, The Storyteller's Blog: One Million Children Reading Campaign : Find Ms.B,...: One Million Children Reading Campaign : Find Ms.B, The Storyteller : Visit Ms.B on Facebook at Bev Jones!

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Wow Word Wednesday

It's Wow Word Wednesday! 

Visit Facebook, @BevJones and 
Facebook: @The Fun Reading Club 
for info about our head storytellers' 

When you visit, you will find the names
of the authors whose work has been 
featured during #BookLoversTour2019.

You'll also find the authors whose work will 
be featured on #SayItAgainSunday show
where we gather the family together to share
great stories over and over again!

Story time matters!!!

See you there!

Sincerely, Ms.B