Friday, October 18, 2019


Be Ye Thankful ...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Wait! Are you thankful? 
What are you thankful for?
I'm thankful for 
AND friends 
like you!

Been LOOKING for You for a While

Finding Nemo is Good. Now Find Ms.B because...

It's been a while since I've updated this page. I've opened a bookstore at and to be totally honest, it takes a while to create a masterpiece. I want nothing but the best for you...and I. It takes time to entertain, and move forward with my business plans. Some would say, "Get some help!" As an experienced program director, I understand that it takes time to get the right people on the bus. I am asking that you bare with me, and support me the best way you know. I can promise you that our dream for a marvelous fun reading club will grow into reality. 

You may have guessed that this is an exciting time for me. I still spend most of my day on my mini-blog and website (Lol). Don't worry, I will connect the dots soon enough. For now, you can visit to see what's new. 

First things first! Find me, Beverly F. Jones, by visiting: Facebook at Bev Jones! Next, I'll need you to subscribe - as a way of supporting The Fun Reading Club on Youtube. Finally, visit and subscribe to get news from me. 

We will eventually end up with an app, and other cool updates and information. Right now, we have love to offer. If you didn't follow this or got bored with the grammatical errors that I may have typed, cut me some slack.  What I lack in editing, I will make up in another area. Who can ask for anything more than a person's best effort? 

Thank you for following my work. More to come!!!