Friday, February 15, 2019

Ms.B, The Storyteller's Blog: Just Read

Ms.B, The Storyteller's Blog: Just Read: The ability to READ, WRITE, and  COMMUNICATE is golden.

Just Read

The ability to READ, WRITE, and 

COMMUNICATE is golden.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Book Lovers Tour 2019

Book Lovers Tour 2019 
is about our purpose in life;
which is to help children 
develop the love of reading
one great story at a time!


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Saturday, February 9, 2019


I want to do more with my life... If you want to 
do more with yours, listen to this song called "Try"

Book Lovers Tour 2019 DO YOU LOVE ME

In a class I taught at a conference, I asked the "participants to do a homework assignment, and turn it in by sharing their story at The Fun Reading Club." 

Yes. You heard correctly, I was the one presenter who gave the class homework! I did it for 2 reasons, #1: it was an unforgettable move to make
And #2: The words Just Do It popped into my head.


The assignment was to "go to their most difficult child, the one that they roll their eyes at, when they see him or her arrive at school, and say, "Hey! Good morning! 

I have something to tell you,

As I continued my presentation, I gave advice on how to win the child over to have a more positive classroom environment .

I said, When the child looks at you, say,
I love you. 
I love your friends.
I love your family. 
I want you to come to school everyday 
so we can have fun together! 

The class began to laugh, 
and I never thought I would receive a message 
regarding the outcome of this homework experience, 

but I did. 

I received a message on a Saturday morning. 

It literally brought me to tears.

I don't mean one or two tears,
I mean, mucus coming from my nose because I was crying so hard kind of tears.

To hear the outcome, Join me live for the Self Love Saturday on 
Facebook:BEVJONES at 9:30am EST!!!