Thursday, February 20, 2020

And So Much More

Hi Everyone!

It's me, Ms.B, The Storyteller!

I woke up excited enough to type this post and update some other posts to help you understand what's been going on in my business, life and legacy lately. In short, I have been learning more of what I need to know in order to help my dream of serving others come alive.

Really! That's what I have been doing. Think about it... working for yourself and others takes a lot out of you. This is why Saturdays are important to me. My goal during the week is to save, serve and survive long enough to see Self Love Saturday and Say It Again Sunday.

I am cracking up with laughter over here! I mainly laugh when I am tickled by my own words. (LoL!) Seriously, I opened an online bookstore back in 2019 and offered a few authors the opportunity to post their books as pilots, and they accepted. Now, I am offering this opportunity to others; like you! You see... our club is for EVERYONE! The writers at The Fun Reading Club write professionally and strictly for FUN!

In our world of fun reading, there is no big and small, professional and unprofessional. In our world, there is only FUN reading! The source will be recognized as our writing hero as long as we can imagine ourselves going on a literary adventure as we read!

Well, I have to get ready for my teaching job. But, not before I say, "The Fun Reading Club is a program [ ] that exists at Jones Educational Consulting,LLC.

We'll get into all of that later. Right now, I want you to take these last seconds to tell you to browse our recently updated website at: to discover all of the NEW THINGS that we have to offer! If you feel SUPPORTY, buy my book, THE SILVER LINING, written and illustrated by Beverly F. Jones (humble wink). Thank you in advance!

Happy reading to (each of) you!


Beverly F. Jones, Author
Ms.B, The Storyteller, Character (LOL!)

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